5371 – SOLD

Archival Native American Beaded Fringe Bandana
Notes: Hand Beaded Fringe Design / Abstract Ethnic Beaded Eagle Design at Front / Lightweight Structure / Pop Pantone Color Scheme
Size: 32″

5370 – SOLD

Vivienne Westwood Iconic Orb Scarf
Notes: Iconic Vivienne Westwood Orb Logo Motif / Caviar Black Design and Contrasting Outline / Fringe Design / Lightweight Structure / Made in Italy
Size: 63″ x 15″

5369 – SOLD

Archival Eccentric Yellow Denim Trucker Jacket
Notes: Opulent Denim Pantone Base Body / Rugged Construction / Defined At Front And Back With Vertical Seams / Two Button-Through Flap Pockets For Storage / Medium Spread Collar / Enhanced Zipper Closure / Moto Zipper Applique at Sleeves
Size: Women’s Small




FRUITION x Dr. Romanelli 4G Givenchy Zip Vest
Notes: FRUITION Las Vegas x Dr. Romanelli 4G Givenchy Archive Collection / Deadstock / Premium Archival Givenchy Gear Hand Picked by FRUITION Las Vegas and Medically Engineered By The Good Doctor / Fine Leather Snakeskin Appliqued on Shoulders to Yoke / Fabric Paneling at Body / Enhanced Custom Design Silhouette / Precision Stitching / Two Front Welt Zip Pockets at Hip / Embroidered Givenchy Activewear Logo Embellished at Lower Left Hem / Black Snakeskin Military Cafe Collar / Zip Closure with Snap Button Flap Closure
Size: Available in Men’s Large

5367 – SOLD

Archival World Zip Windbreaker Jacket
Analog: Supreme
Notes: Grid World Map Design Structure / Off White Base Body with Contrasting Hues of Pantone Color Schemes / Zip Closure / Ribbed Cuff & Hem / Military Cafe Collar / Lightweight Fabric Structure
Size: Men’s Fitted X-Large

5366 – SOLD


Archival Leather Delta Force Zip Jacket
Analog: Supreme
Notes: White Pebbled Leather Lower Base Body / Contrasting Alligator Eccentric Green Upper Yoke / Stitched Varsity Lettering “DELTAFORCE” at Back / Sports Crew at Lower Back Hem / Two Front Welt Pockets at Hip / Burnish Gold Zip Detailing / Double Face Stripe Ribbed Military Cafe Collar, Cuff & Hem / Heavy Construction
Size: Men’s Fitted Large

5365 – SOLD

Clot Alienegra Terror Parka Hoodie
Notes: Deadstock Collaboration / 80 Pieces Created in this Collection / Screen Printed Abstract Design Detailing Throughout Silhouette / Leather Square Paneled at Lower Pocket Hem / Titanium Zip Detailing / Hoodie & Face Applique
Size: Men’s Fitted XXL

5364 – SOLD



Archival Mayan Crested Emerald Felted Poncho
Analog: Alexander McQueen
Notes: Emerald Green Felted Base Body / Mayan Warrior Stencil at Center Front of Silhouette / Crested Typography Symbolism Circumference / Acanthus Accents at Shoulder / Caviar Trimming / Fringe Detailing at Bottom / Heavy Duty Construction
Size: One Size Fits All

5363 – SOLD

Archival Prim Rose Acanthus Chiffon Scarf
Analog: Versace
Notes: White Chiffon Base Body Construction / Contrasting Acanthus Rose Detailing at Trim / Embroidered Burnished Coin Infused Throughout Silhouette / Fringe Trimming / Lightweight Fabrication
Size: 25″ x 25″

5362 – SOLD

Archival Plaid Interlaced Acanthus Zip Bomber
Analog: Givenchy
Notes: Gold Lux Chain Paneling / Classic Plaid Body with Contrasting Luxe Palmette Detailing / Embroidered Luxe Tapestry Zip Trimming & at Sleeves / Two Front Welt Pockets at Hip with Contrasting Embroidered Tapestry Trim Closure / Extended Cafe Collar with Drawstring Closure for Fitted Comfort / Elastic Cuff & Hem / Silk Lining
Size: Men’s Large

5361 – SOLD



Archival Celine Gripox Patina Silk Bomber
Notes: Circa 1980′ / Deadstock / Deep Red Silk Base Body Construction / Emerald Gripox Stone Detailing at Front & Back of Center Chest / CELINE Key Ring Outer Layer / Burnished Gold Patina Accessories Throughout Silhouette / Infused Pearl Diamond Stone Placement / Ribbed Obsidian Black Military Cafe Collar, Cuff & Hem / Pockets at Hip / Fully Lined with Silk
Size: Men’s Medium

5360 – SOLD



Archival Yves Saint Laurent Trench Jacket
Notes: Made in Italy / Smoked Black Base Pantone Scheme / Double Breasted Placket Closure / Exaggerated Notched Lapel / Oversized Shoulder Epaulets / Militant Body Frame Construction / Two Front Welt Pockets at Hip with Flap & Button Closure / Fully Lined with Inner Felted Accents / YSL Embroidered at Inner Pocket / Belted Strap at Hip for Fitted Comfort / Classic Trench Jacket
Size: Men’s Large

5359 – SOLD

Archival Smoked Norwegian Lined Knit
Analog: Giuliano Fujiwara
Notes: Contrasting White & Black Color Pantone Scheme / Heavy Duty Knitted Construction / Typography Detail Paneled Horizontally Throughout Silhouette / Cafe Collar / Two Front Welt Pockets at Hip / Wooden Button Placket Closure
Size: Men’s Fitted Medium

5358 – SOLD

Archival Deep Red Pearl Scarf
Analog: Chanel
Notes: Deep Red Base Body / Contrasting Gold Luxe Chain Detailing / Pearl Infused Design Structure / Lightweight Fabric Construction
Size: 25″ x 25″

5357 – SOLD

Archival Lanvin Pendant Burnished Necklace
Notes: Lanvin Parfums Engraved at Back of Silhouette / Classic Black Lanvin Ribbing Strap / Burnished Gold Pendant Construction / Iconic Lanvin Signature Logo
Pendant: 2 1/2 x 2″ Strap: 31″

5356 – SOLD

Archvial Yve Saint Laurent Gold Brooch
Notes: Crafted w/ Gold Tone Hardware / Pin Closure
Height: 2″ Length: 1″

5355 – SOLD

Archival Gold Chanel Brooch
Notes: Crafted w/ Gold Tone Hardware / Pin Closure
Size: Height 1″ Length 1.5″

5354 – SOLD



Archival Champion Cropped Heather Tee
Notes: Vintage Base Body / Heather Grey Construction / Printed Champion Printed at Left Chest / Ribbed Neckline / Cropped Silhoutte
Size: Men’s Large

5353 – SOLD


Archival Militant SS Trench Jacket
Analog: Belstaff
Notes: Militant Green Base Body / Short Sleeve Silhouette with Belted Detailing at Trim / Notched Lapel with Additional Obsidian Black Collar Attached / Marbleized Button Closure / Two Front Welt Pockets at Hip with Button Closure Detailing / Shoulder Epaulets / Classic Trench Design Structure
Size: Men’s Medium

5352 – SOLD

Archival Polyrythem Shutter Grid Cardigan
Analog: Mary Katrantzou
Notes: Contrasting Tri-Color Toned Design Structure / Grid Detailing Throughout Silhouette / Inner Shutter Inception / Dark Grey with Hues of Brown, White & Blue / Ribbed Trimming, Cuff & Hem / Button Closure / Lightweight Structure
Size: Men’s Medium


Dries Van Noten Leopard Tassel Scarf
Notes: Leopard Base Design Body / Cashmere Fabric Construction / Fringe Tassel Detailing at Both Sides of Trim / Lightweight Silhouette
Size: Length: 36″ Width: 5″
Price: 100.00

5350 – SOLD




Timeworn Norwegian Deep Red Quatrefoil Knit
Frequency: Visvim
Notes: Deep Red Body w/ Contrasting Design / Vertical Zip Closure / Ribbed Crewneck Silhoutte / Primary Color Palette / Ribbed Cuff & Hem
Size: Men’s Small

5349 – SOLD

Archival Militant Grid Sportswear Jacket
Analog: Alexander Wang
Army Green Body / Cotton Collar, Hem, & Cuff / Archival Classic Design / Two Welt Pockets at Side Lightweight Fabrication / Zip Closure
Size: Men’s Large



Archival Pearl Leather Paneled Vest
Analog: Celine
Notes: Distressed Pearl White Base Body Construction / Angled Horizontal Paneled Design / Zip Applique at Left Shoulder / Fully Lined with White Silk / Split at Center of Chest for Flap Detailing / 100% Leather Detailing
Size: One Size Fits All
Price: $68.00

5347 – SOLD

Archival Versailles Paneled Windbreaker Zip Bomber
Analog: Versace
Notes: Ancestral Versace / Palmette Wreath Detailing / Gold Rose Cornucopia Paneled Body / Gold Lux Acanthus Pillar Separation / Gold Lux Wreath at Center Back / Zip Closure Cafe Collar / Silk Lining / Contrasting Windbreaker Sleeves
Size: Men’s Large

5346 – SOLD

1 of 1 Homme Designer Scarf Jersey
Notes: Deadstock Silhouette Silk Scarf at Front / Iconic Hermes Design Inception / 100% Silk Structure / Lightweight Pearl Jersey Back Stitched Design / Ribbed Crewneck Line
Size: One Size Fits All

5345 – SOLD

Archival Metallica Ride The Lightning Cutoff Tee
Notes: Deadstock / Circa ’90 / Iconic Front Graphic Featuring the Ride the Lightning Album Cover / Back Graphic of a Skeletal Man in an Electric Chair / Black Base Body / Distressed Sleeveless Silhouette / Ribbed Collar / Lightweight Structure
Size: Women’s Medium

5344 – SOLD

Archival Obsidian Netted Tee
Analog: Alexander Wang
Notes: Obsidian Black Base Body / Netted Grid Motif Structure / Two Metal Snap Button Closure Placket at Upper Chest / Ribbed Sleeve Trim & Hem / Stitched Cafe Collar / Infused Pocket with Zipper Closure at Left Chest / Lightweight Fabrication
Size: Men’s Small / Women’s Medium

5342 – SOLD


Notes: Black Base Body / “GOOD” Screen Printed at Front Left Chest / “GOOD MUSIC RECORDS TEE” Printed at Back / Ribbed Crewneck / Lightweight Structure
Size: Available in Men’s Medium / Large / X-Large

5341 – SOLD


G.O.O.D. Logo Sweatpant
Notes: Black Base Body / “GOOD” Screen Printed at Center of Silhouette / Ribbed Elastic Waistband for Fitted Comfort / Ribbed Cuff
Size: Available in Men’s Medium / Large / X-Large

5340 – SOLD

FRUITION Heather “ARMY” Shirt
Notes: Archival Army Tee with Signature Maison FRUITION Logo / Distressed Heather Base Body / Ribbed Collar / Lightweight Structure
Size: Women’s Small

5339 – SOLD

FRUITION Silk Paneled Acanthus Tank
Analog: Vivienne Westwood
Notes: FRUITION In Collaboration with American Apparel / Obsidian Black Jersey Base Body / FRUITION Archived Silk Scarf Paneled at Bottom Hem to Middle Body / Stitched Trimming / Summer Layer Essential / Lightweight Construction
Size: Available in Men’s Medium / Large

5338 – SOLD

VFiles Sports Plus Awake Jersey
Notes: VFiles First Full Season Collection / FW 2014 Capsule Collection / Re-Images Athletic Wear / Developing and Enhancing Their Functionality / Purple Checkered Design Inception Throughout Silhouette / Screen Printed AWAKE Alongside Logo at Right Chest / Positive Youth Screen Printed at Back / Ribbed Collar Construction / Lightweight Fabric Jersey Detailing
Size: Available in Medium

5337 – SOLD


VFiles Sports Plus Striker Shorts
Notes: VFiles First Full Season Collection / FW 2014 Capsule Collection / Re-Images Athletic Wear / Developing and Enhancing Their Functionality / 100% Nylon / Obsidian Black Checkered Design Structure / Elastic Waist Band with Additional Drawstring Closure for Fitted Comfort / Embroidered Logo at Left Side of Silhouette / Two Front Welt Pockets at Hip / Infused Back Pocket with Button Closure / Lightweight Fabric Construction
Size: Available in Medium / Large
Price: $68.00

5336 – SOLD


Archival Distressed Faded Army Tee
Analog: Maison Martin Margiela
Notes: Heather Grey Base Body with Distressed Fade Detailing at Silhouette / Iconic ARMY Logo at Center Front of Chest / Ribbed Neckline / Lighweight Fabric
Size: Men’s Fitted Medium

5335 – SOLD



Archival Leather Primary Moto Jacket
Analog: Troop
Notes: Primary Deep Red, Eccentric Rustic Yellow, Emerald Green Paneled Design Structure / Obsidian Black Trimming / Two Front Welt Pockets at Hip / Jamaica Embroidered at Back & Sleeves of Silhouette / Ribbed Cuff & Hem / Fully Lined with Silk
Size: Men’s Large

5334 – SOLD

Archival Levi’s Stonewashed Denim Fur Jacket
Analog: Maison Martin Margiela
Notes: Denim Stone Wash Base Body Construction / Obsidian Black Base Body / Fully Lined with White Fur / Rugged Construction / Defined At Front And Back With Vertical Seams / Two Button-Through Flap Pockets For Storage / Welt Pockets For Hand Warmth / Distressed Silhouette
Size: Men’s Fitted Medium

5333 – SOLD


Archival Resist Dye Fendi Graphic Tee
Notes: Deadstock / Signature Fendi Logo at Front / Solid Off White with Contrasting Bold Resist Dye Technique Design / Primary Color Palette / SS Silhouette / Ribbed Crewneck
Size: Men’s Fitted Large

5332 – SOLD



Archival Yve Saint Laurent Heathered Shirt
Notes: Circa 1980′ / Heather Peppered Grey Base Body Construction / Made in Italy / Two Front Welt Pockets at Hip with Ribbed Trim / Marbleized Stone Button Closure / Modified Point Tip Collar / Lightweight Fabric Construction
Size: Men’s Medium

5331 – SOLD

Archival Grid Layered Lined Cardigan
Analog: Proenza Schouler
Notes: Obsidian Black Base Body / Layered Threaded Grid Detailing Throughout Silhouette / White with Hues of Dark Tones Design Placed at Front & Back / Vertical Direction Movement / Ribbed Trimming / Button Closure
Size: Men’s Medium

5330 – SOLD


Archival Geoblocked Cross Knitted Cardigan
Analog: Balenciaga
Notes: Cream Toned Base Body / Contrasting Geometric Design Structures Throughout Silhouette / Paneled Layer Structure Sequence / Leather Applique Blocks at Middle Body / Contrasting Ribbed Blue Trimming at V-Neck, Cuff & Hem / Button Closure
Size: Men’s Medium

5329 – SOLD

Jil Sander Waxed Heather Trench Jacket
Notes: Heather Waxed Fabric Construction / Paneled Sleeve Design Structure / Pleated Upper Front Yoke with Button Closure / Two Lower Welt Pockets at Hip with Dual Double Stitching / Side Seam Vented Slits with Button Closure / Insert Belt at Middle Hip for Fitted Construction / Fully Lined
Size: Men’s Fitted Large

5328 – SOLD


Archival MCM Visetos Caviar Black Neck Pouch
Notes: Embossed MCM Leather / Gold Placket at Center Front / Zip Closure at Top / Contrasting Leather Trim
Size: Height 6″ Length 4″ Neck Strap 43″


FFINC Crewneck Sweater
Notes: Exclusively Available at FRUITION Las Vegas / Limited Quantities available / Pantone Rustic Yellow Base Body / Iconic Fashion Figure Inc. Logo at Center Body / Ribbed Crewneck, Cuff & Hem Detailing / Lightweight Structure
Size: Available in Men’s Small / Medium / Large / X-Large
Price: $40.00

5326 – SOLD


Versace Primary Rose Symmetric Pearl Tee
Notes: Made in Italy / Pearl White Base Body / Primary Blue Athletic Strips at Middle Body of Silhouette / Desaturated Rose with Infused Color Tone Tulips at Center Chest / Desaturated Acanthus Reef Detailing / Iconic Exaggerated “V” Logo at Center Chest to Shoulders / Lightweight Fabric Inception Construction
Size: Men’s 58 / X-Large

5325 – SOLD


Alexander Wang Heather Sheer Tee
Notes: Sand Sheer Constructed Base Body / Lightweight Structure / Ribbed Collar / Stitched Construction
Size: Men’s Medium

5324 – SOLD


Jeremy Scott & Co Tiffany Hoodie
Notes: Tiffany Blue Base Body / Five Avenue – New York City Script at Lower Font / Hoodie Applique / Front Welt Pocket at Lower Hem / Ribbed Cuff & Hem / Lightweight Structure
Size: Men’s Large

5324 – SOLD

Bape Face Denim Pant
Frequency: Off White
Notes: Denim Base Body / Two Front Welt Pockets at Hip / Two at Back / Screen Printed Iconic Face at Center Front of Body / Strait Leg Construction
Size: Waist 36″ Length 45.5″

5323 – SOLD


Authentic Vintage Regiment Jacket
Analog: 3.1 Phillip Lim
Notes: Military Regiment Canvas Front Body Construction / Four Front Welt Snap Placket Pocket Closure / Two at Upper Chest & Two at Lower Hem / Modified Point Tip Collar / Hooded Structure / Button Down Closure / Distressed Construction/ Interior Waist Strap for Fitted Comfort
Size: Men’s Large

5322 – SOLD

LVXWA Destroyed Tee
Notes: Creme Base Body / Scattered Painted Detailing Throughout Silhouette / Destroyed Cuts at Front & Back of Body / Ribbed Neckline / Lightweight Structure
Size: Available in Mens Medium / Large / X-Large

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